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Nanoplastics hair-smoothing

Несколько строк текста (3-5), которое будет уточнять уникальное торговое предложение или услугу, Несколько строк текста (3-5, которое будет уточнять уникальное торговое предложение или услугу

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To whom hair nanoplastics is good enough?

Nanoplastics is intended for natural and dyed hair, medium degree of hair damage. This is one of the few products that is allowed for children from 11 years old, pregnant and lactating mothers

What is hair nanoplastics?

This is a new generation hair straightening program that makes hair shiny like in advertisements! No procedure gives such a gloss effect as nanoplastics. All this happens thanks to a powerful complex of acids and amino acids, collagen, coconut oil and wheat proteins, which are part of the Bio Coconut Collagen Discipline.

Hair nanoplastics is used for:

– long straightening

– ultra-hydration

– nutrition from the cortex to the outer layers of the hair

The effect lasts 4-6 months, with an accumulation effect of 6-8 months

Reviews about nanoplastic hair-smoothing
Here are collected real reviews about nanoplastic hair-smoothing, I have a lot of them, and if you need more relevant reviews about nanoplastic in 2019 or a consultation, click on the button lower at the right to contact me.
I love long hair, but I always suffered from the fact that they are frizzy and in order to achieve a smooth effect I had to work hard on ironing, split ends and dryness from here ... One day, on the advice of a friend, I signed up for a new one for me the procedure is "nanoplastics". To say that I was delighted - this is nothing to say ... Very pleased with the results of the procedure and hair, I am already going to the third session)))))
I’ve been doing the procedure for the second year in a row. What I really like is that my hair condition has noticeably improved. Firstly, I have almost grown my length after lightening. Secondly, I refused ironing (unless you need to wind your hair). Less and less cut and damaged hair. After the procedure, hair is very soft, smooth and shiny, really like in advertisement. Of course, I can’t but mention the master Alina, who finds her own approach to each client and recommends the necessary procedure!
Alina! I could not believe my eyes when I washed my hair: everything is lying flat, my curls finally waved my hand! I just washed it with your shampoo, made a mask - and they are like from the picture. And how shiny! I can’t get past the mirror - I’m staring at myself !!! Thanks!!!!

Цена и сколько держится Кератиновое выпрямление волос?

Средняя продолжительность эффекта кератина сохраняется 5-6 месяцев, а для поддержания эффекта необходимо постоянно соблюдать общие для всех процедур правила ухода за волосами: не окрашивать волосы в течение 2 недель до и после выпрямления волос, избегать контакта с солёной водой, пользоваться качественными бессульфатными шампунями В магазинах хватает подделок и лучше мыть волосы проверенными средствами, разумеется, которые вы можете найти у меня 🙂

  1. Процедура в топовом салоне
  2. + Дополнетельное питание маской
  3. + Набор по уходу после кератину
18 000 ₽
Выпрямление в уютной
3500 - 6500 ₽

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