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Hair structure keratin recovery (Botox for hair)

Несколько строк текста (3-5), которое будет уточнять уникальное торговое предложение или услугу, Несколько строк текста (3-5, которое будет уточнять уникальное торговое предложение или услугу

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To whom hair Botox is good enough?

Botox is a keratin restoration designed for dry, dyed, bleached, highlighted hair with any degree of damage that has lost its strength, elasticity and former beauty.

What is botox for hair?

This is a program for thermo-reconstruction of hair with the effect of long-term styling. For this procedure, I use Honma Tokyo Botox H-Brush, which includes: N-Acetyl Cysteine, the patented Luna Matrix system, elastin, keratin, green tea leaf oils and Prakaxi fruits. These components fill the structure and act as cellular renovators, reconstructing and restoring the inner and outer layers of the hair.

Botox for hair is used for:

– restoring structure (hair cortex)

– smoothing and disciplining curl

– elimination of porosity and fluffiness in wet weather.

The effect lasts about 2 months, then the accumulation effect is possible.

Reviews about hair structure keratin recovery (Botox for hair)
Here are collected real reviews about hair structure keratin recovery (Botox for hair), I have a lot of them, and if you need more current reviews about Botox in 2019 or consultation - click on the button in the lower right to communicate.
After the procedure, the hair is incredibly smooth, well maintained! All my life I’ve dreamed of having smooth, shiny hair. It looks very elegant and dignified. Dreams should come true! Thank you, my dear for the realization of my dream, for the quality work. And which is very important for the master, the ability to hear and listen to your customers !!!
Today I washed my hair for the first time after the procedure, just dried it with a hairdryer and could not believe my eyes! They are soft, smooth and straight !!! I no longer hoped that my bleached hair would ever look decent (But you did just a miracle !!! Thank you! You are the best master of your sphere!
Alina, hello! I just got home, examined the hair after Botox. You know ... the ends are denser. "Before the trip, I really wanted to cut a couple of centimeters, but not now, they are saved! How thankful I am! Thank you !!

How long does Botox hold for hair?

The average duration of the Botox effect lasts 1-2 months, and to maintain it, you must constantly follow the general rules for hair care for all procedures: do not dye your hair for 2 weeks before and after hair straightening, avoid contact with salt water, use high-quality sulfate-free shampoos In stores  there are enough fakes and it’s better to wash your hair with proven products, of course, which you can find with me

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Why am I working with HonmaTokyo?

This brand personally meets my needs: without formaldehyde, without pungent odor and fumes, it does its job from the beginning and gives an excellent final result.  HonmaTokyo – my assistant in work, in which I am 100% sure – the hair of my clients will be in perfect condition, even, smooth and shiny!

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