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Bio-protein hair-smoothing

A procedure for disciplining and smoothing hair, which restores and nourishes it with shine

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To whom hair bio-protein is good enough?

This amino acid composition is designed to discipline natural and colored hair, medium degree damage. Due to the non-toxic composition, bio-protein straightening is allowed for children from 11 years old, pregnant and lactating mothers

What is bio-protein hair straightening?

This program is designed to smooth and moisturize, which makes hair straight, soft and manageable. The composition for this procedure is Coffee Green – soft and comfortable, it contains organic components, a unique patented Amino LCC complex that moisturizes even the driest hair. The procedure is non-toxic and does not take much time.

Bio-protein straightening is used for:

– long straightening

– moisturizing from roots to tips

– discipline

Reviews about Bio-protein hair-smoothing
Here are collected real reviews about Bio-protein hair-smoothing, I have a lot of them, and if you need more relevant reviews about bio-protein in 2019 or a consultation, click on the button lower at the right to contact me.
Ugh, how I was afraid to do something with my hair, I thought that they would spoil or burn ... So many bad things are written on the Internet about these procedures. But then I saw your instagram and decided. And you know what I’ll say? This is the best I've ever done with my hair !! How did I live without this before ??? Yes, you picked me the best procedure, the bio-protein composition. This is my thing for sure 110%! My husband cant take his eyes away from me))))))))
Bio-protein straightening is a salvation for those who want to go on vacation and not think about what's on your head)) From the morning to the evening on the beach, in the water, under the sun - but my blonde is still ok. My friends asked what was the secret. I just smiled at the beginning, but then I finally gave them your contacts)) Alina, thanks for your skill! +10 new clients personally will come from me for sure)
The first time I’ve decided to do the procedure at home, and not with an expensive salon, where I gave 12,000 and the result was 0. And I decided to try again. Instead of salon keratin, Alina proposed making bio-protein straightening (the first time I heard about this at all). And here it is , a miracle! I go with it for 4 months. And it would go even longer if the roots did not grow back so fast! Thank you for your patience and work !!!!! Coffee Green - FOREVER !!!!

How long does bio-protein hair straightening last?

The average duration of the bio-protein effect lasts 3-5 months, with an accumulation effect of 6-8 months.  To maintain the effect, it is necessary to observe the general rules for hair care for all procedures: do not dye the hair for 2 weeks before and after hair straightening, avoid contact with salt water, use high-quality sulfate-free shampoos.  There are enough fakes in the stores and it’s better to wash your hair with proven products, of course, which you can find with me

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Bio-protein Hair Straightening Video

Why am I working with HonmaTokyo?

This brand personally meets my needs: without formaldehyde, without pungent odor and fumes, it does its job from the beginning and gives an excellent final result.  HonmaTokyo – my assistant in work, in which I am 100% sure – the hair of my clients will be in perfect condition, even, smooth and shiny!

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