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Honma Tokyo
Plast Hair Bixyplastia Jabuticaba

Plast Hair Bixyplastia Jabuticaba-a set for keratin straightening of Plast Hair Bixyplastia Jabuticaba with a purple pigment.

Does not contain formaldehyde!

The exclusive formula of Jabuticaba tones the hair, removing unwanted yellow pigment on colored hair, as well as gently straightens them from the roots to the tips. The active components of keratin allow:

  • it is easy to spread over the entire length of the hair
  • quickly dig in
  • without weighing down the volume of strands
  • gives the hair an incredible shine and super-hydration
  • natural purple pigment (anthocyanin) additionally laminates the hair

Jabuticaba Keratin set is designed to straighten and restore curly, thin and dry hair.

The effect of straightening persists for 3-4 months


2 x 500 ml
2 x 1000 ml
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Brand Honma Tokyo
Curves Curly, Straight, Wavy
Hair Color Blond, Brunet, Natural
Hair Condition Mix, Normal, Oily
Set Yes


Method of application

  1. Wash your hair using Plasthir Bixyplastia Shampoo (step 1), repeat if necessary. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly with water.
  2. Dry the hair by 50-100% and divide it into 4 zones.
  3. Strand by strand, apply the reconstructing mask Plast Hair Bixyplastia Jabuticaba (step 2), retreating 1 cm from the scalp, combing each strand with a comb with frequent teeth.
  4. Soak the composition on the hair for 20 minutes. Then dry the hair with a cool-warm stream of air at 100%, without brushing.
  5. Using an iron with a titanium or tourmaline coating of plates, hold on thin strands (up to 1 cm) 7-14 times. The temperature of the tool is selected depending on the type of hair — the stronger the curl and the tougher the hair — the higher the temperature (180-230 degrees).
  6. Allow the hair to cool for 15-20 minutes.
  7.  Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. Dry the hair as desired.

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