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Nanoplastica Alfa Strong

Nanoplastic Alfa Strong-hair nanoplasty for the strongest curl

Does not contain formaldehyde! Allowed for pregnant, nursing and children from 11 years old!

Nanoplastic Alfa Strong is one of the strongest amino acid compositions for safe hair straightening. It was created specifically for very curly, curly and ethnic hair, including Afro.

The active composition does not weigh down the hair, does not cause allergic reactions, does not have a sharp smell and acrid fumes that bring discomfort. The new formula strengthens and nourishes the hair during the straightening procedure, making it smooth and straight.

The composition includes active components that:

  • gently and carefully straighten from the roots to the tips
  • give a glossy Shine
  • allows you to work with natural, colored and lightened hair

The effect of straightening lasts 4-6 months with the exact observance of technology and proper home care


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Brand Bb|One
Curves Curly, Straight
Hair Color Brunet, Natural
Hair Condition Normal
Set No


Method of application (universal):

1. using the preparation shampoo, thoroughly wash your hair and scalp. Wash off with water, re-apply a small amount of shampoo along the length, whipping into a foam. Massage the foam on the hair for about a minute, rinse the hair thoroughly with water.

2. without using a comb, dry your hair with 100% warm air from a hair dryer.

3. Divide the hair into zones. Apply the composition of Nanoplastica with a hard brush in a row, retreating from the scalp 0.5 cm. At the end of application, if necessary, pin the hair with a plastic clip and put on a plastic cap. Exposure time: for ALFA STRONG — from 30 to 50 minutes (depending on hair type and degree)

4. After the exposure time, not washing up, dry the hair 100%. To do this, use the warm and cool air of the hair dryer, alternating it.

5. Divide dry hair into a convenient number of zones.

6. using a flat iron with titanium/tourmaline plates, separate the thin strands (comparable to the size of the flat iron plate in width). The temperature of the iron and the number of broaches depend on the degree of damage and curliness of the hair. Operating temperatures: from 180 to 230 degrees, the number of broaches from 10 to 18 times (the ratio of “root and middle zone” / “ends” – 70/30).

7. after working with the iron, wash the composition from the hair without using shampoo (a few minutes under warm water).

8. Avoiding the root zone, apply a nourishing mask from the BB|One range along the entire length of the hair. work the mask for 3-5 minutes with comb-like movements of the fingers, then rinse with water. Perform any desired styling.

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