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Honma Tokyo
Nutriblond Care

Professional Home Care Platinum Blonde – For Lightened Hair

Nutriblond Care is a gentle blonde hair care line that gently cleanses the scalp, moisturizes hair and makes combing easier.  Suitable for daily use.  The composition of the formula includes natural micropigments of violet, lavender, rosemary flowers.  All products contain a purple pigment that neutralizes the unwanted yellow color on the hair and gives them a platinum (cold) shade.

The kit includes shampoo, conditioner and leave-in indelible conditioning mask.


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Hair Condition Dry, Normal
Curves Curly, Straight, Wavy
Hair Color Blond
Set Yes
Brand Honma Tokyo
Структура Гладкие, Пушистые


How to use: Nutriblond Care Shampoo – Apply to wet scalp, gently massage, then distribute along the length of the hair;  rinse with water, repeat if necessary.  Conditioner Nutriblond Care – distribute a small amount on the hair, avoiding the scalp, soak for 5-7 minutes and rinse with water.

Nutriblond Care Shampoo – Ideal for blondes who want to neutralize the yellow pigment.  Gently and softly cleanses and moisturizes hair.

Conditioner Nutriblond Care – thanks to the presence of kupausu in the oil, the conditioner effectively moisturizes dry, porous and damaged hair, and aloe vera extract gives the hair smoothness and shine

Nutriblond Care Conditioning Mask – A tinting, indelible conditioner that instantly moisturizes dry, porous and brittle hair, restoring shine and elasticity.  Protects from thermal effects and negative environmental factors (SPF 20)