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Honma Tokyo
H-SOS Capilar

Liquid keratin H-SOS Deep RepairKeratin – reconstruction, moisturizing and hair restoration

This is a specially developed keratin spray that helps to avoid damage to the capillary layer of the hair during and after chemical procedures.  It replenishes the keratin content and stabilizes the pH balance, softness and shine.  Easily restores lost of hair mass. As a result, they become more resistant to external influences.


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Hair Condition Normal
Curves Straight
Hair Color Brunet, Natural, Red
Set No
Brand Honma Tokyo


H-SOS Capilar it’s a 5-step cold recovery program for the most hopeless hair.  It stops the destructive processes in the structure and creates a powerful defense from the inside.  This is an express recovery that doesn’t take much time and has no contraindications.

The program includes a mild regenerating shampoo, moisturizing balm, keratin spray, firming mask and lipid reducing agent.  All products of this line give an effect, saturating fragile and brittle hair with nutritional components that are responsible for the density and elasticity of the hair.

Application method: can be used in the H Sos Capilar repair complex and independently after hair straightening procedures