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Honma Tokyo
H-Brush Special Care
Professional home care for all types of hair
 H-BRUSH SPECIAL CARE – a line for fixing and prolonging the effect of smooth hair after the Botox Hair Treatment.  Gently removes dirt and protects hair from the negative effects of styling products.  Thanks to the work of home care, the cuticle layer remains protected and smooth for a long time.  The formula includes praxaxi oil, cherry extract, vitamins, amino acids and bioactive substances.
 The kit includes shampoo, conditioner and mask.


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Hair Condition Dry, Mix, Normal, Oily
Curves African, Curly, Straight, Wavy
Hair Color Blond, Brunet, Natural, Red
Set Yes
Brand Honma Tokyo
Структура Гладкие, Пушистые


Method of application: Shampoo H-BRUSH SPECIAL CARE – apply to wet scalp, gently massaging, then distribute along the length of the hair; rinse with water, repeat if necessary. Mask H-BRUSH SPECIAL CARE – dispense a small amount on the hair, avoiding the scalp, hold for 5-10 minutes and rinse with water
The line is designed to consolidate the effect of smooth hair after the procedure “Botox for hair”

Shampoo H-BRUSH SPECIAL CARE – to prolong the smoothness and effect of glossy hair. This is a specially developed product that gently cleanses the hair from impurities, keeping the cuticle motionless. Thanks to Pakaxi oil and cherry extract, the shampoo helps preserve the natural strength and density of the hair.

H-BRUSH SPECIAL CARE conditioner – created to maintain and consolidate the effect of smoothness and gloss. The vitamins, amino acids and bioactive substances included in the conditioner give hair a well-groomed appearance. The conditioner intensely moisturizes the hair. The unique formula includes praxaxi oil and cherry extract, which take care of maintaining the natural strength and elasticity of the hair, leaving them shiny and soft. The product does not contain parabens.

H-BRUSH SPECIAL CARE mask – designed specifically for home hair care after the Botox Hair Treatment. It contains praxaxi oil and cherry extract, rich in amino acids, vitamins and bioactive substances. The mask protects hair from daily harmful effects, and also restores hair, deeply moisturizing them. It gives hair shine, softness and maintains a natural balance.