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Honma Tokyo
H-Blond Trilogy 4K
H-BLOND TRILOGY 4K – a set for cold restoration and neutralization of yellowness on all types of bleached hair
 The set consists of the preparing SHAMPOO ILUMINADOR H-BLOND TRILOG 4K shampoo, MATRIX H-BLOND TRILOG 4K matrix masks and 3 H-BLOND TRILOG 4K CHROMA COLOR emulsions in different shades (blue, ashen and purple) to achieve the perfect color of dyed hair.  To create the desired result, the shades of emulsions can be mixed together.
 The system is specially designed for colored, bleached and highlighted hair, which:
  •  deeply nourishes strands
  •  returns the density lost after chemical processes
  •  neutralizes any unwanted shades
  •  helps achieve perfect color
 The Trilogy Blond 4K formula contains natural micropigments of violet, lavender and rosemary colors that help get rid of an unwanted yellow tint on blond hair.  And active ingredients such as collagen, keratin, cupouasu oil and castor oil intensively moisturize and nourish the hair. H-BLOND TRILOGY 4K – deep nutrition and neutralization of unnecessary shades on bleached, highlighted and dyed hair.


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Brand Honma Tokyo
Hair Condition Dry, Mix, Normal, Oily
Curves Straight
Hair Color Brunet, Natural, Red
Set Yes
Структура Гладкие, Пушистые


Mode of application:

step 1 – apply a sufficient amount of SHAMPOO ILUMINADOR H-BLOND TRILOG 4K shampoo in the palm of your hand and distribute it with massage movements over the scalp and over the entire length of the hair. Rinse with warm water, repeat the procedure if necessary

step 2 – place the required amount of MATRIX H-BLOND TRILOG 4K matrix mask in a bowl. Use a measuring cup to add the correct proportions of the emulsion

step 3 – add the emulsion H-BLOND TRILOG 4K CHROMA COLOR in such an amount as to obtain the desired color of the tint. Stir the mixture thoroughly and apply strand by strand

step 4 – leave to act on the time necessary to achieve the result. Rinse well after exposure with warm water.