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Honma Tokyo
Coffee Premium All Liss step 2

Coffee Premium All Liss step 2 – the most powerful keratin complex for hair straightening with a strong curl (including Afro)

Formaldehyde free!

Reconstructing mask MAX REDUCTION & LISS step 2 in combination with other products of the COFFEE PREMIUM line not only solve the problem of complex curls, but also intensively restore their structure, returning softness and natural shine.  The set is ideal for hair that needs perfect smoothness for a long time.

The composition includes active ingredients: keratin, coffee beans extract, arabica, aloe barbadenis and amino acids, which:

• perfectly straighten from the roots from the very tips

• easily cope with curls of any complexity

• help to maintain the effect of smooth hair for a long time

• restore dry and fragile locks

The straightening effect lasts 4-6 months with proper home care


500 ml
1000 ml
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Hair Condition Dry, Normal
Curves African, Curly, Straight, Wavy
Hair Color Blond, Brunet, Natural, Red
Set No
Brand Honma Tokyo
Структура Гладкие, Пушистые


Honma Tokyo Coffee Premium is suitable for keratin hair straightening of any complexity.  Suitable for ethnic hair, effectively smoothing any tough curl.

Mode of application:

step 1 – Apply a small amount of the preparing DEEP CLEANING SHAMPOO to wet hair, spread to the ends.  Rinse with water and repeat the procedure, keeping the foam on the hair for 3-5 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly with water.

step 2 – Dry the hair with a hair dryer by 100%, divide the hair into a convenient number of zones and apply the reconstructing mask MAX REDUCTION & LISS step 2 by strand behind the strand 1,5 – 2 cm. Keep the composition on the hair for 30 minutes and dry the hair  100% by hair dryer

step 3 – Using a styler, select thin strands and work them out at a temperature of 210-230 degrees, depending on the type of hair

step 4 – Allow the hair to cool, rinse with warm water until the product is completely removed and apply a MASK ULTRA SHINE moisturizing mask. step 3. Hold the mask for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water

step 5 – make the desired styling