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Honma Tokyo
Coffee Care Light

Professional home care for brittle, dry and naughty hair

COFFEE CARE LIGHT is a salt-free hair care line suitable for daily use. The composition includes praxaxi oil, glycolic extract of coffee beans, argan oil and a complex of hair-related amino acids. Thanks to these components, the kit contributes to the full care of the scalp and the restoration of hair weakened and damaged by chemical influences.

The kit includes shampoo, conditioner and mask.


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Brand Honma Tokyo
Curves African, Curly, Straight, Wavy
Hair Color Blond, Brunet, Natural, Red
Set Yes
Hair Condition Dry, Mix, Normal, Oily
Структура Гладкие, Пушистые


Method of application: COFFEE CARE LIGHT shampoo – apply to wet scalp, gently massaging, then distribute along the length of the hair; rinse with water, repeat if necessary. Conditioner COFFEE CARE LIGHT – after shampooing, apply to wet hair, soak for 2-5 minutes, rinse with water. Mask COFFEE CARE LIGHT – distribute a small amount on the hair, avoiding the scalp, hold for 5-10 minutes and rinse with water.

 REVITALIZANTE COFFEE CARE LIGHT Shampoo – a salt-free restorative shampoo created specifically for dry and naughty hair.  It gently cleanses the scalp, moisturizing the hair.  The nutritional components included in the shampoo allow you to preserve natural moisture in the hair, making them more shiny and silky.  Shampoo is great for weakened, damaged by chemical exposure hair.

 Conditioner COFFEE CARE LIGHT – created for dry and naughty hair.  Replenishes the supply of protein in the hair, facilitates combing and styling.  Active ingredients prevent split ends, give hair shine, softness and silkiness.

 Mask COFFEE CARE LIGHT – a revitalizing intensive mask ideal for dry and naughty hair.  The active components of argan oil and coffee extract have a high degree of hydration, saturating the hair with protein and preventing split ends.