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Honma Tokyo
Bio CocoNut Collagen

Bio Coconut Collagen – a new generation of nanoplastics for hair straightening and discipline in 1 step

Formaldehyde free! Allowed to pregnant, lactating mothers and children from 11 years old!

BIO COCONUT COLLAGEN is an amino acid composition that provides long-lasting straightening, ultra-hydration, restoration and protection of hair from external influences. The composition has a special formula in which it reduces the exposure time on the hair, which reduces the time of the procedure. Active ingredients – amino acids, coconut oil, collagen and wheat proteins help:

• moisturize and nourish hair intensively

• restores damaged structure

• gives hair incredible shine and elasticity

The amino acid composition of BIO COCONUT COLLAGEN, acting inside the hair, changes the hair color by 1-3 tones to a more saturated one.

The duration of the effect lasts 4-6 months with proper home care.


300 ml
1000 ml
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Curves Straight, Wavy
Hair Color Brunet, Natural, Red
Set No
Hair Condition Normal
Brand Honma Tokyo


BIO COCONUT COLLAGEN – a new generation of nanoplastics for hair with collagen.  The gel-like structure is as convenient as possible and copes with a strong curl, giving the hair smoothness and elasticity.

 Mode of application:

 step 1 – rinse your hair with regular shampoo or Honma Tokyo deep cleansing shampoo

 step 2 – dry hair with a hairdryer by 50-100%, divide into the desired number of zones and apply the composition BIO COCONUT COLLAGEN

 step 3 – withstand the composition for 15-30 minutes, rinse your hair with water and blow dry 100% with a hairdryer

 step 4 – Using a styler, select thin strands and work them out at a temperature of 210-230 degrees, depending on the type of hair

 step 5 – Allow the hair to cool, rinse with warm water until the product is completely removed and apply any Honma Tokyo mask.  Hold the mask for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water

 step 6 – make the desired styling