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“Substrates”: a new technology in hair straightening

For the master of straightening, real happiness is when customers come with natural hair: they do not get confused, and you can set the temperature on the iron without fear. 2 hours of work - and you are free.

But in my practice lately, hair in 3-4 degrees of damage has come across more often, which, if you want, you don't want, but you need to put in order. And it is at this moment that the "substrates" that save the situation will come to our aid.

What kind of procedure is this - "substrates"? This is a cold hair restoration that we do right before the straightening procedure. No, not a week "before" and not two, as we used to do with Label or Olaplex, but exactly 30 minutes before applying the composition.

I will try to explain it more clearly: damaged hair is like a tooth with caries. Hair pads are the same tooth filling that will fill all the voids. And after all the manipulations, you can safely start grinding = working with an iron.

After we have filled the voids of the hair with protein or lipid pads, we can safely work with the hair further: keratin, botox or nanoplasty. This is your guarantee that you will not cause more harm than you already have, do not dry your hair and do not damage the cuticle.

There will be another significant plus for the client - the duration of the procedure increases by 1 - 1.5 months!

If you have any questions, I will be happy to consult with you and help you with the selection of compositions for work! Please contact:

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