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Why Could The Hair Straightening Be Failed? (Tips For The Stylist)

Hair Straightening did not work. The terrible dream of our work, which sometimes comes true. Why this happens and where the curls appear again, let's try to understand this article.

In training, we are given clear instructions that we must follow when we straighten the client's hair. Some technologists even share the chips that they gained with sweat and blood (for which they are very grateful).

So, we will understand the important stages of hair straightening, which can lead to poor results and gray hair of the master:

1. Rinse hair with deep-cleaning shampoo.

This is not some ordinary Shauma or Horsepower there, but a professional tool that helps to open the cuticular layer of the hair, where our composition actually gets. Why is this so important? Because washing the hair poorly or having little foam on the hair, the cuticle may not open and the entire composition will simply remain outside the hair. The effect of this procedure will be 0.

2. Little / excessive amount of makeup on the hair.

This is something for which it is actually worth attending seminars, training and master classes, at which you will clearly be shown the very norm so that it is not thick or empty. Apply a little - the composition will not work with disulfide bonds. Apply a lot - overweight the hair and at the end of the procedure there will be so much smoke from the hair that hang the ax in the air. A large amount of the composition on the hair is also difficult to work with an iron before the effect of friability. This can take more than 15 times in strands, and this number is considered the maximum permissible among the masters. Next - a scalp burn or, at best, dryness and breaking off.

3. Improperly selected temperature conditions

In general, straightening compositions require the following temperature: 210 - thin, 220 - medium, 230 - dense hair. But sometimes it happens that you can’t put 210 on thin hair either - if they are killed, then this temperature will completely destroy them. And then what should be done if a person wants straightening? Here again comes the moment when I agitate to undergo training. One article does not cover all the nuances. Here, as they say, there are secrets for a million, accumulated over the years and bitter experience. But not hopeless)

4. Poor home care recommendations

I personally know the masters who, after the procedure, beautifully wave their hand, slam the door in front of the client’s nose and don’t even explain about leaving after straightening. When I ask my girls, after such masters, what kind of sulfate-free shampoo you wash, they answer "Oh, what is this?" And laughter and sin. Yes, now, after the compositions of the new generation, there is no longer such a link to sulfate-free shampoos, the main thing is that the pH level is neutral and forward. But there are still important points that the client should know after straightening: dyeing, lightening, hair extensions, visiting a bath or sauna, sea water, sun, vitamins ... All this should be carried out after the procedure in the head or in the message on the phone

There are few points, but they are important. Performing our work responsibly, we can sleep peacefully. Although, whom I am deceiving, we can never) I worry about each of my clients, especially the new ones, because my job is to make you the most beautiful! Beautiful and with the desire to come back to me again and again)

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