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When Can I Wash My Hair After Keratin Straightening?

Answering the question "When to wash hair after keratin straightening?" I love postalgia for the old compounds in which there was formaldehyde ... You come to straighten, and after it you sleep for 3 days, so that in no case should you disturb at least one hair. And it was impossible to sleep - the stench from the hair caused tears, asthma attacks and stamina for the sake of beauty. They had to be washed strictly on the 3rd day, not a minute earlier, and not with shampoo, but with plain water! Otherwise, there is a risk that everything will be curly again.

But what about the washing of the head? Let's get it right.

Everything immediately changed when the harmful formaldehyde was replaced by phenoxyethanol (with this replacement you can not be afraid for the condition of the hair after the procedure, and for your health in general), they added silicones, acids and got excellent compositions for straightening. The composition is changing - the conditions for hair care are changing. And here it is, the revolution - you can wash your hair right after keratin straightening! Yes, and shampoo with a mask thermo-reconstructor (it is required after long-term straightening procedures, because it restores the structure of the hair after exposure to temperature ironing). After washing, you can do everything that was forbidden before:

- to collect hair in a ponytail or bobbin

- lay over the ears

- pin up

- make curls (my former master in keratin straightening said a strict "no" to this question) True, there is one small “But” and an exception to the rule: if you have a strong curl or afro hair, then it is better to wait a day before washing your hair. During this time, the keratin layer will become stronger and more resistant to contact with water. In this case, the master should give you a thermo-reconstructor mask with you so that you can apply it already at home.

Care for hair after keratin straightening should be regular and delicate. When choosing a shampoo, remember that it should not contain sulfates. By observing all the conditions for home care, you can extend the effect of keratin straightening for a long time. You can find more details about all the nuances in the article "How to care for hair after keratin straightening."

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