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Oily Hair: Causes And Solutions

Oily hair is one of the types of hair due to the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands located on the scalp.

It is noted that oily hair is characteristic of people who are in a state of constant stress, often nervous and worried, eating incorrectly. It is also worth adding improper hair care here. For women, there are even more reasons: pregnancy, lactation, menopause, taking hormonal drugs. And yet, what to do and how to solve this problem? We carefully read, remember or save as a favorite !!!

❌Use hot water to wash! Water should be warm, sometimes even cool

❌Dry your hair with hot air! The hairdryer should only work in cold / warm mode

❌Daily use of irons and styling plates. Do not like curls and natural styling - do the keratin straightening procedure and put the iron in a dark box!

❌ "Massage" the scalp with nails. For this I’m ready to beat hands, because scratching the scalp will earn not only oily hair, but also dandruff! ⠀

❌ Frequent hair combing

❌Tight hairstyles and complex styling, in which the hair is in a condition / position unusual for them for a long time


✅ Acceptance of vitamins with minerals

✅ Proper nutrition ⠀

✅ Transfer the head wash in the morning (wash 2 times and rinse well with cool water)

✅Masks for hair (1 time in 2 weeks to choose from: red / green / white clay)

✅Use special sulfate-free shampoos! Because they are less aggressive, they do not wash out the protective layer and the hair becomes oily less often. I advise you to wash your hair with this product for at least 3 months! So everyone quickly took their shampoos and if they were found as part of sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate, PEG - we immediately throw them in the trash! ⠀ I wish you all beautiful, healthy and chic hair!