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Keratin And Hair Straightener: Typical Way An Unprofessional Stylists Damage Your Hair

After we found out what formaldehyde is and what it is eaten with (see my article “Formaldehyde in hair straightening: afraid or relaxing?” I suggest “eating” another terrible point of keratin straightening - temperature ironing. And in some cases, I want to tell you, these fears are justified. What are the chances of your hair being burned? They are quite large if you go to a beginner master or a self-taught master. Indeed, in working with the iron, the most important thing is to choose the right temperature regime. And if the instructions write the limits of 210-230 degrees, this does not mean that everyone can do it at maximum!
An experienced master, who not only practiced, but also absorbed the material well, will begin the first diagnosis of hair. I have this procedure under bright light: I examine the condition of the length and ends, their density, on wet hair I check the elasticity. Since a large number of different types of hair passed through my hands, I almost never doubt the chosen temperature. But if in doubt, to the end - I take it and put the iron on 5-10 degrees less, then to sleep peacefully at night. The main thing to remember here: higher temperature does not mean better for hair!
Another important aspect - in modern rectifying products that have recently appeared on the market, thermal protection is already included in the composition. During the procedure, she covers her hair with an invisible protective film, which protects against high temperatures. An experienced master knows how this thermal protection works and how to behave so that it remains on the hair until the end of the procedure and does not evaporate. But this does not mean that everyone can put 230 degrees. So, to summarize (especially for my future clients), I want to list the main:

1) Do not save. It is better to choose a proven and experienced master than go to the stuffing for 2000 and then walk with a square.

2) Always ask on what compositions the master works. Learn about them information, read reviews, under the magnifying glass, consider the photo “before / after”. Do not get fooled by cheap bottles, they are unlikely to give any super-result.

3) Never tell the master: “I read, if you make an iron at 235, then I will go straight for a year. And let's do this?” If suddenly the master believes and agrees, goodbye is the length (I had a similar case in practice when a client persuaded me to add a “twinkle” to a blond).

From the masters who read this, I want to ask you to correctly determine the type of hair, density, degree of damage, and under all this choose the NECESSARY temperature.
In general, I rarely hear anyone spoil their hair and then have to grow them again. If you do everything wisely and go to a trusted master - everything will be fine, forget about the hairdryer, stylers and 30-minute styling in the morning before work. The maximum trouble is usually that keratin did not take and the hair became curly again. But for this I will write a separate article)

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