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Is It Possible To Do Keratin While Breastfeeding

For any woman who is breastfeeding her baby? it is important to maintain the right lifestyle. After all, it is through milk that the beneficial and harmful elements that affect the health and immunity of the baby are transmitted to children. Usually, all food and care products go through the strictest selection, and the numbers of our hairdressers, colorists and manicure masters are stored in the phone's memory and are waiting for their finest hour ...?

But what if I really want to make keratin straightening during breastfeeding and get rid of fluffy and curly hair for a while? To answer this question, you need to study the components that make up the straightening keratin funds.

The most dangerous of them: formaldehyde and formalin? These are powerful carcinogens whose fumes can cause vomiting, nausea and dizziness. For the baby, the list of side effects is even wider: rashes, severe itching and redness. And here it is worth nursing mom to think: does she need such keratin straightening during breastfeeding? Of course not. But do not despair. In this situation, the most correct solution is to find those straightening compounds that do not include hazardous to health elements. There are more and more such keratins on the market every year, manufacturers are trying to surprise us with safety and useful properties.
But here there are pitfalls, since you can encounter individual intolerance to the components. The most popular of these is protein, which can cause an allergic reaction in both mom and baby. Although the probability share is small, but is it there? And again it’s worth thinking about all the pros and cons of keratin hair straightening during breastfeeding. Of course, there are mothers who are ready to take risks for the sake of straight and smooth hair no matter what.

In order to avoid all undesirable side effects, keratin hair straightening during breastfeeding is not recommended. It is better to wait until the end of lactation in order to protect the health of your baby and nursing mother. After all, everyone knows that during pregnancy, the hormonal background and sensitivity to those componunds to which the body would not give any reaction before.