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How Often Can I Do Hair Straightening?

Each procedure has its own period of wear, which directly depends on the type of hair, its condition and the so-called “guarantee”, which is given to us by the technologists who developed the compound for straightening and restoration. I will briefly introduce each of them:

- Keratin Straightening Coffee Premium: 5-6 months

- Keratin straightening Bixyplastia: 3-4 months

- Bio-protein straightening

- Coffee Green: 4-5 months

- Nanoplastics Bio Coconut: 4-5 months

- Keratin Recovery (Botox) H-Brush Capilar: 1 - 1.5 months

The most important thing to know about the wear period is the accumulation effect. It is very important to capture it, if you want to walk with straight hair for up to 8-9 months. How to do it? Read, I will reveal to you all the important secrets ...
After you have done keratin or amino acid straightening, count 3 months. During this period, the composition will be slightly washed off from the hair and the process will begin when they gradually return to their previous state (usually it takes 1-2 months extra). It is during this period, after 3 months, and it is important to get on the second straightening, until the composition is completely washed off.

With keratin recovery (Botox), the situation is similar: the accumulation effect also needs to be captured. And then instead of the declared 1 month, he will stay on his hair 3 times longer. Great, right?