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Hair Straightening “At Home” Or In A Beauty Saloon?

A couple of days ago I felt very sick when at 23.30 my phone rang and I immediately heard the question "here explain how hair could stick together from keratin ???!" I was straight numb. In my head there are pictures of my clients with a blond and that I could do something wrong, I made a mistake somewhere and now a person suffers because of me! But no, not because of me ... After incomprehensible phrases, the girl calmed down and explained.

A blonde who had recently had lightening came to them on keratin. After applying the composition, the hair turned into... Dreadlocks !!! To the dreadlocks, Carl. I began to figure out what and why. As a result: so many rules were violated that a girl should be glad that they were just dreadlocks... And the salon is not the last and the price of the procedure is more than 10 thousand... As Nikitin wrote, think for yourself, decide for yourself ... go to the salon or go to the master's house. But always, be sure to, without fail, find out who you are going to and what "experienced" person will work with your hair.