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Hair Coloring And Straightening: How To Combine?
Выпрямление и восстановление волос

How to combine dyeing and hair straightening? Not the easiest question, in which there are nuances. And non-observance of these very nuances can lead to sad consequences (I had a story in my posts about an expensive salon, painted blond and keratin straightening, where the master spoiled the girl's hair and brought the client to a nervous breakdown). When to dye hair with keratin straightening? There are two simple but very important rules:

1. Dye your hair 2 weeks before keratin straightening

2. Dye your hair 2 weeks after keratin straightening

Nothing complicated, right? But why is it important to abide by these rules? I answer:

  • so as not to affect the color of the painting ⠀
  • so that keratin straightening takes on hair 110%
  • so as not to spoil the condition of the hair and not harm them

By the way, here is another very important tip: never withhold from the master (for any reason) the date of the last staining. After all, no one needs overdried, shabby, but straight hair

Horror, as I present this picture ...