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Formaldehyde In Hair Straightening: Afraid Or Relaxing?

I definitely know for sure that somewhere around 50% of you are afraid (or were afraid) to make keratin because of fears of harmful compound (formaldehydes). According to my polls, this factor is often key in the decision to "go straight or not go." And it is in this article that I want to try as much as possible to relieve you of fears and explain how much it is really safe. Formaldehyde (methanal, formic aldehyde) is a sharp-smelling colorless gas, quite toxic, with very high activity against bacteria, fungi and some viruses. But I would not want to explain everything in such a language that you start to fall asleep on the third sentence. I’ll write so that it is simple and understandable to each of you.

So, formaldehyde in the composition.

I would like to say that now in keratin formulations there is no formaldehyde, but I can not. Many craftsmen use banned aldehyde bottles (I know for sure what you are, ladies).

A very serious topic, but quite solvable. Before you go to straighten, you need:

1. Find out on what composition the master works (and even if he doesn’t even try to make a trade secret out of it)

2. Find a list of prohibited compounds (and there is one). It contains the names of all brands and the amount of formaldehyde contained in%.

If we find - we write to the master "Goodbye", if this brand is not in the list - you can breathe out and go to bring beauty.
Girls, finding official sites with reliable information on the content of formaldehyde in hair straightener formulations is not quite easy. Therefore, I am attaching sites so that you do not lose your time, but immediately check the information:

Websites provided by Connecticut Department of Public Health, New York State Health Department, Health Canada. By occupation, I know that these guys can be trusted and looked for information from them in the sources. Use and give thanks))

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