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Best Keratin Hair Straightening

What is it and what is it made of?

The answer to the question “What?” the simplest: it keeps hair straight for a long time, does not spoil or dry the structure, gives incredible shine and smoothness. Ideal keratin straightening has such criteria.

But how to achieve all this? What tools should be involved in the work of a hair straightener? I have selected some of the most important points to get as close to the best keratin straightening as possible:

1. Qualitative compositions for working with hair

In my case, I trust the Honma Tokyo brand. Yes, these are not the cheapest bottles, but with them I am sure of the final result. They do not have an element of unpredictability and an unexpected result in the form of spoiled hair

2. Learn and study again

Do not think that watching even a hundred videos on YouTube you can become a know-it-all master and immediately begin to give your customers perfect results. It is the seminars and master classes that will help:

- correctly put your hands when working with an iron, hairdryer and combs;

- understand the degree of hair damage and what temperature you need to choose (on YouTube they will tell you only about the operating range 210-230, and then think and decide for yourself);

- What kind of procedure is needed for any type of hair (it also happens that keratin or nanoplastics is strictly forbidden. Why? The answer to this question can also be thoroughly studied in Internet sources)

3. Do not save on your tools for work

If it is a comb, then it is carbon (only this material can withstand high temperatures and does not melt; when using plastic, there is a high chance to leave a "surprise" in the hair of your client); if stylers - then with a titanium / tourmaline coating; if hairdryers - then with high power and different air temperatures. 4. Comfortable conditions for the procedure Do not forget that in addition to the result itself, it is also important in what mood and conditions the procedure went. Cleanliness, order, confidence of the master are important factors in order for the client to come back to you again and again and talk about “the best keratin straightening from this master” to his friends and acquaintances.

I take all these points responsibly and with trepidation. Yes, it took me a lot of time to create some. many materials and tools are expensive and had to be slightly digged. But it's worth it, believe the master, who reads every grateful message from clients almost with tears ...

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