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8 Popular Myths About Keratin

1. Keratin is harmful to the hair.

Hair can be damaged in two cases: when a poor-quality composition was used in the process or the master took an insufficient amount

2. After straightening, the hair should be washed only with a special shampoo.

A special shampoo in this case is one that does not contain sulfates

3. Hair falls out after the procedure

Keratin has no effect on the hair bulb, because it is applied only to the hair, and not to the scalp.

4. After the procedure, you can not wind the hair.

Keratin straightening makes hair smooth and obedient, so it is not difficult to wind them.

5. Constantly need to carry out correction.

Keratin is washed off gradually and does not affect the structure of the hairs, so if you do not do the procedure regularly, the regrown hair will not stand out much.

6. The effect of the procedure lasts about six months.

If the procedure is carried out for the first time, then it is desirable to repeat it in two months. If this is not done, the hair will begin to spin, but at the same time, shine will remain for a long time.

7. After the termination of the regular procedure, the hair will quickly deteriorate.

If you stop doing keratin straightening, the appearance of the hair will return to its original state. However, on a subconscious level, women (after they had smooth and shiny hair) seem to have significantly worsened their condition. 8. The procedure is available only in beauty salons and has a high price. The master can carry out the procedure at home, while observing the entire technology. The price of the procedure when contacting the "private trader" is much lower than the salon for obvious reasons