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4 Useful Tips On How To Wash Your Hair

Today I want to raise an important issue about washing my hair. It would seem that here is complicated? But there are a number of rules that must be followed.


1. We choose the right water temperature: it is better to wash oily hair with water at a lower temperature, dry hair - at a higher temperature.

2. Shampoo selection: whether you made keratin or not, choose sulfate-free shampoos. They do not wash off the protective layer from the hair and do not dry the skin

3. Using shampoo: apply the shampoo to your hair gently, with your fingertips, while lightly massaging the skin. No need to scratch your head with your nails, you can damage your skin and get dandruff

4. Girls, never comb wet hair if you have not applied a balm or mask. And don't go to bed with your head wet. Here is such a simple but necessary list. After all, washing your head is not aimed at maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your strands, but at their health