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3 Tips For Hair Care On Sea Holiday

Oh, it was difficult, but I could! As you don’t collect your hair, some lock may get wet anyway. In my case, it happened with all the hair: my beautiful bun, carefully rolled up on the shore, blossomed right in the water. All the hair was wet and dried in the shade. When I touched them, dear mother, all hair is dry, do not comb, do not shine - well, clean hay! I ran to the room faster than the wind. It’s good that I prepared myself and took with me the set necessary for my hair:

1. My shampoo without sulfates and parabens (I generally don’t trust the means in hotels, I only use personally tested ones) to clean my hair of salt

2. Balm from the same series as shampoo to moisturize hair after sea water and the sun

3. Honma Tokyo Leave-In Protective Spray (my love forever) to cover your hair with an invisible protective film

Be sure to bring your own care products with you (do not rely on local shops or hotel shampoos) and no sun and salt water will be harmful to your hair !!! At one time using all means, my hair regained its healthy appearance. A bunch after that time I collected two rubber bands))))